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VOL. I, NO. 1 


MAY 1, 1953 

&1 * ,n] 't :> -^ 

Around the Campus 

Construction of the new Stout Institute li- 
brary is well underway, with occupancy possible 
for the next college year. The building is located 
on the block south of Ninth Avenue, between Sec- 
ond and Third Streets. For a time, after the or- 
iginal houses were moved, the property was used 
as a parking lot. 

Cost .of the project will be approximately 
$600,000 and will provide space for 60,000 vol- 
umes together with such long-desired facilities as 
a reserve reading room, a memorial room, and 
seminar rooms. 

The building is to be of brick .and steel con- 
struction and will be of the most modern arrange- 
ment. Architects are Foeller, Schober, Berners, 
Safford and Jahn, a Green Bay firm of specialists 
in library planning. 

Facing Second street, the front of the build- 
ing will be 30 feet from the curb and the north 
wall will be 40 feet from the Ninth avenue. The 
front of the building will have an overall width of 
121 feet and depth for 128 feet. 

Entrance will be through a vestibule into a 
lobby to the. right of which will be a Memorial 
room and to the rear of which will be the circula- 
tion lobby with the card catalogue files and the 
main desk. 

To the left of this lobby will be the entrance 
to the combined main and reserve reading room 
seating 250 persons. On the second street end of 
the reading room there will be the periodical room. 
The main book stacks will be to the rear of the 
circulation lobby and running along the south .side 
of the reading room. 

These stacks will provide space for 45,000 
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Dear Fellow Members : 

In our society, it is certainly an honor to be 
asked to participate in a launching ceremony. 
Thus I am very proud that the Executive Secre- 
tary of the National Stout Institute Alumni As- 
sociation and the .other Stout faculty members res- 
ponsible for this publication have asked me to 
launch The Stout Alumni Newsletter. 

We at the college are indeed happy to provide 
this new medium, which is designed to serve our 
alumni throughout the world. But we feel that its 
rewards will be two-fold. Not only will The Alumni 
Newsletter strengthen the ties which join the 
members of our widely-separated family of gradu- 
ates, but it will also bring news of alumni accom- 
plishments back to' our campus. 

Just as you alumni enjoy learning the where- 
abouts and achievements of your former class- 
mates, we at the college enjoy knowing the pro- 
gress of our former studnets. It is in achieving 
just such communication that an alumni associa- 
tion renders its greatest service. And it is to faci- 
litate such service that this publication has been 

Therefore, let us launch The Stout Alumni 
Newsletter on her maiden voyage. She is a vessel 
carrying a delightful cargo in a worthy cause. May 
I wish to her and to her crew a most pleasant and 
extended cruise. 

Sincerely Yours, 
Verne C. Fryklund 

News Of The Classes 

CLASS OF 1953 

Ralph E. Smith is a technical sergeant with 
Headquarters of the 15th Division of the Air 
Force at March Air Force Base, California. 

William H. Sherman is attending the Artil- 
lery School at Fort Bliss, Texas. 

John F. Swant (M.S.) is Director of Voca- 
tional and Adult Education at Beaver Dam, Wis- 
consin ; and also president of the Beaver Dam Con- 
servation Inc., and County Chairman of the First 

John Wilson is teaching in the vocational 
school at Madison, Wisconsin. 

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Page 2 

Stout Alumni Newsletter 

May 1, 1953 

CLASS OF 1952 

Earl B. Herring is a. teacher of industrial arts 
at the State Teacher's College .at Minot, North Da- 
kota. His wife, Ruth, was the former secretary in 
the Registrar's Office at Stout. 

William E. Hinterthuer is a Technical Assist- 
ant at the Institute of Paper Chemistry at Apple- 
ton, Wisconsin. 

Larry Mosher teaches four classes of indust- 
rial artsplus a driver training course at Harmony, 
Minnesota. He also coaches the "B" football and 
basketball squads. 

Mrs. Natalie Stapleton formerly taught at 
Port Edwards, Wisconsin. She now lives at Fort 
Campbell, Kentucky where her husband is station- 
ed while in service. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Landsverk at the present 
time are at Fort Lewis, where Don is stationed 
while serving in the armed fores. His job is test- 
ing recruits coming into the army. Mrs. Landsverk 
is the former Donna Gardiner. 

Amond R. Ballinger is Resident Inspector at 
Kurz and Root Company for the Corps of Engi- 
neers at Appleton, Wisconsin ; he also is an Inspec- 
tor at Northwest Engineering Company, Green 
Bay, Wisconsin. 

Patricia Peterson Wensel was married De- 
rember 1952 to William A. Wensel at the Congre- 
gational Church in Menomonie, Wisconsin^ They 
now live in Pepin, Wisconsin. 

Beverly Hedlund is a student dietitian at the 
Harvard Medical University Hospital in Boston, 

Louise I. Neumann is a dietitic intern at the 
St. Louis. University Group Hosptial, St. Louis, 

Mrs. Ruth L. Kraft the former Ruth Larson 
lives in Rapid City, South Dakota where her hus- 
band is head cashier of the bank. 

Doris Haldeman teaches home economics, and 
sophomore English at Kendall, Wisconsin. 

Dorothy Knutson is a serving dietitic intern- 
ship at the University Hospital and attending Ohio 
State University at Columbus, Ohio. She is work- 
ing on her master's degree. 

Howard Knop is attending officer candidate 
school at Newport, Rhode Island. 

Mrs. Lawrence Ryder (nee Beverly Breh- 
mer) teaches home economics and also biology at 
Woodville; she lives in Menomonie, Wisconsin. 

Dorthory Hilton is a home economics teacher 
in a rural vocational school at Galesville, Wiscon- 

Harriet Homer teaches in Holman, Wisconsin. 

Robert J. Berg is a substitute teacher in the 
Milwaukee school system, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Bill Banks is attending officers candidate 
school at Newport, Bhoed Island. 

Milan Huley is stationed at Fort Monmouth, 
New Jersey. 

Bert Jaeger is an instructor of industrial arts 
at P.embine, Wisconsin. 

Marge Hedburg is a home economics teacher 
at Drummond, Wisconsin. 

Donald Sargent is a drawing instructor at 
Long Beach, California. 

Marvin Desrocher is serving in the Navy at 
Whiting Field, Florida. He expects to get his wings 
in Naval Aviation in about a year. 

Gerda Ravnholt is teaching in the junior-sen- ' 
ior high school at Quincy, California. 

Joanne Buboltz is a dietary intern at Barnes 
Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Glen G. Brooks teaches woodwork, physics 
and science at Butternut, Wisconsin. 

Elizabeth Holeneney is a dietitic intern at 
Water Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, 
D. C. . 

Robert Miller is attending Naval Officers 
Candidate School at Newport, Rhode Island. 

Eonald Mittlestadt is Principal of Almont 
high school, Almont, Michigan. 

Karen Anderson is a clothing teacher at 
Washington Jr.- High School in Green Bay, Wis- 

Kathryn Ziehm is head of a two-teacher home 
economics department at Watertown, Wisconsin. 

Mrs, Barbara Johnson Perry is a teacher at 
Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin ; she is also a school 
nurse and guidance counselor for girls. 

Shirley Carlson works in the Eesearch and 
Development Laboratory at Pillsbury Mills, Inc., 
in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Roman L. Weinzierl is a instructor of industrial 
arts and is assistant football and baseball coach 
at Goodman, Wisconsin. 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Coleman are living in Men- 
omonie, Wisconsin. Mrs. Coleman is the former 
Shirley Dover, and she teaches at the Dunn Coun- 
ty School of Agriculture". 

Joan Braun is a home economics teacher at 
Athens, Wisconsin. 

Patricia Schreiner is a home economics teach- 
er at Janesville, Wisconsin. 

Joan Schwanermann is a home economics 
teacher at Naslele, Washington. 

James Anderson is an instructor of woodwork 
and drawing at Drummond, Wisconsin. 

Marjorie Forsman Kniivila is an instructor of 
home economics at Deckerville, Michigan. She is 
also supervisor of the hot lunch porg*ram and ad- 
visor for the F. H. A. and the Jr. Class. 

Elizabeth Seyf ert has completed a 6 months 
course of dietitic internship at Kansas City, Mis- 

Stanley I. Eussell has recently developed a re- 
frigeration course for thje Des Moines High 

Dean E. Cornwell teaches hand woodwork at 
the Trawbridge Grade School in Milwaukee, Wis- 

Elaine Blaser teaches grade school, high 
school and an adult class in Whitehall, Wisconsin. 

Eoland J. Kragstad (M. S.) is an instructor 
of drafting and metal work at Fond du Lac, Wis- 
consin, he is also the advisor for a club of 35 ninth 
grade boys. 

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May 1, 1953 

Stout Alumni Newsletter 

Page 3 

Factors for College Success 

A frequent and welcome source of students 
enrolling at Stout is the influence of Stout gradu- 
ates now in the field. It has been frequently said, 
and with truth, that, "The greatest advertising 
which The Stout Institute receives is through the 
recommendations of its alumni." 

To inform these alumni that the college is 
genuinely grateful for their efforts in directing 
students to Stout, and to provide concrete infor- 
mation answering many questions often posed by 
prospective enrollees, the following has been de- 
veloped : 

What are the requisites for a student's suc- 
cess at Stout? The following statements suggest 
some factors which are desirable in any student 
seeking admission: J 

1. Those who rank in the lower third of their 
high school graduating class have only 1 
to 5 to achieve a "C" average or better. 

2. Having had one or two units of high school 
industrial arts for boys may be desirable, 
but not essential. Interest rather than ex- 
perience in the areas of our specialties is 

3. As college mathematics through trigono- 
metry is required of all industrial educa- 
tion majors at Stout, men entrants should 
either have experienced reasonable suc- 
cess in high school elementary algebra or 

have demonstrated some aptitude for al- 
gebra in other ways. 

4. Success in other high school subjects is as 
important as success in home economics 
or industrial arts in predicting scholastic 
success at Stout. 

Milwaukee Chapter is Host 

The Milwaukee Chapter of the National Stout 
Alumni Association played the very congenial and 
helpful host to Stout alumni attending the WEA 
convention in that city. 

A delicious turkey dinner highlighted the ev- 
ening and all guests had a wonderful time. Ken- 
neth Schank, well-known Stout alumnus, was 
toastmaster for the evening. C. A. Bowman spoke 
of Stout's present status and of his emotions upon 
retiring from the faculty. 

Group singing, renewal of acquaintanceships 
and reminiscences brought the successful affair 
to a close. 


The National Stout Institute Alumni Asso- 
ciation will gladly mail the weekly Stoutonia to 
any and all former Stout students who are in the 
armed forces if tlieir names and addresses are 
made known to the alumni office. 

Ship Citation to Ericson 

EMANUEL E. ERICSON, Professor of In- 
dustrial Arts and Assistant Director of University 
Extension, Santa Barbara College, University of 
California, we of THE SHIP are pleased and hon- 
ored by this opportunity to recognize publicly 
your distinguished service to education. 

Professor Erickson is credited with the re- 
sponsibility of having trained more industrial arts 
teachers than any other man in California. He also 
was the spark plug in connection with the start- 
ing of the building program on the Mesa campus 
and the planning of the Industrial Arts Depart- 
ment buildings. 

The Ship Organization is made up of com- 
mercial exhibitors who are engaged in the pro- 
motion of technical and industrial equipment, elec- 
tronics, all phases of industrial arts and photog- 
raphy equipment, and who, through their activity 
in the American Vocational Association, are inter- 
ested in the education of the youth, through the 
use of technical equipment, and in the establish- 
ment of a technical education program in Amrica. 

The citation is a yearly presentation, made at 
the time all the members of the organization meet 
for an exhibition of their products. 

A Stout Institute graduate of 1919, Profes- 
sor Emanuel E. Erickson, has been made recipient 
of the highly prized "Ship's Citation" awarded 
for outstanding national service and leadership in 
the field of industrial arts. 

Boston, Massachusetts — -"The home of the 
bean and the cod" — was the site of a Stout alumni 
breakfast at the Bradford Hotel on December 2. 
Attending were Stout alumni participating in the 
AVA convention, also held in Boston. 

Dr. Bob Rudiger, alumni secretary, introduc- 
ed alumni members and their guests. President 
Verne C. Fryklund spoke to the group, explaining 
many changes which are taking place at the col- 
lege. A lively discussion period followed, includ- 
ing the showing of pictures of campus improve- 

A total of 36 alumni, from all parts of the 
nation, were present for the breakfast and to live 
again in old times on the Stout campus. 


The National Alumni Association is now is- 
suing joint memberships to husbands and wives 
who are both Stout alumni. Cost of this joint 
membership is the same as that of a single mem- 

All alumni whose marital status qualifies 
them for this savings plan are urged to take ad- 
vantage of the offer. All that the alumi executive 
secretary requests is that all applications for joint 
memberships contain both the husbands name and 
Ms wife's maiden name and year of graduation of 
■each so that the alumni office files will be accurate 
and up-to-date. 

Page 4 

Stout Alumni Newsletter 

May 1, 1953 

Detroit Chapter New§ 

The following interesting 1 letter, reporting ,on 
the type of activities which make an alumni chap- 
ter a living organization, is reported by Marian 
Stevens, corresponding secretary of the Metro- 
politan Detroit Stent Alumni Association : 

Dear Dr. Rudiger: 

As Corresponding Secretary of the Metropol- 
itan Detroit Stout Alumni Association, I wish to 
send you the following account of our Mid-winter 
party for your newsletter. 

The Metropolitan Detroit Stout Alumni As- 
sociation held its annual mid-winter party en- 
titled, "The Tacky Drag," at the Birmingham 
Community Hall, in a setting reminescent .of the 
past for Stout graduates. 

Home talent of professional degree wan in ev- 
idence in the skits and musical numbers which 
followed a sumptuous dinner. Drawing of door 
prizes, card playing and visiting with old friends 
completed the evening's entertainment. 

Harry Keller kept the ball rolling as master 
of ceremonies. With the aid of Mrs. Keller, Mrs. 
Win. Peterson, Mr. & Mrs. Walt Tiede, Mr. & Mrs. 
Henry Hulter and Mr. & Mrs. Mario McCullough, 
he planned and made possible this delightful party. 

It was so very pleasant to renew acquain- 
tances with the following Stout friends : Vernetta 
& Francis Shaw, Emma & Ira Madden, Betty & 
Fred Decker, Marion & Fred Curran, Irma & Floyd 
Burgess, Marion & Harry Stevens, Mildred & 
Charlie Crydermann, Irene & Evoy McCullough, 
Orvetta. & Hugh Motzaw/ Lib & Lefty Hanson, 
Leola & Gle Olesen, Gladys & Mario McCullough. 

Virginia & Walt Tiede, Moraig & Harry Kel- 
ler, Gladys & John Weimer, Clara & Charles 
Strong, Verna & Wm. Peterson, Irma & Frank 
Mann, Peg & Hand Hulter, Blundie & Walt Ny- 
lund, Elaine & LeRoy Charlick, Ole Moe, Wilma & 
Fred Blair, Audrey & Adrian Pollock, Jeannette & 
Ward Smith, Edla & Frank Hauck, Esther & Har- 
old Sachman, Mildred & Vallie Elvers, Helen & Bill 
Smith, Carol & Robert Houghton, Viola & Hunkie 
Helium, Lillian & Carl Gairc, Nelda & Estall Cur- 
rv, Irerne & Clarence Soberg, Alma & Ed Zych, 
Florence & Orvill Heft, Mary & Elmer Stindt, 
Irene & Sam Smith, Mary & Huck Decker, Marg & 
Al Keiner, Josephine & Charlie Braun, Jo & Steve 
Vanek, Doris & Harlyn Olsen, Blanche & Gib Tre- 
week, Violet & Louie Smith, Pat & George Kins- 
ler, Helen & Jim Christopherson, Millie & Frank 
Hopper, Ruth & Bob Martin, Alice & Charlie Poz- 
zini, Betty & Leo Styer, Lucille & Fred Doetze, 
Frances & Jack Brandvold, Joe & Harold Silvius, 
and Marie & Red Fraser. 

Yours truly, 
Marian Stevens 

Published by - 
The Stout Institute 
at Menomonie, Wisconsin 

Volume 1, Number 1 May 1,1953 

T. Fleming — Editor 

R. Rudiger Alumni Sec. 

L. Whydotski '...... Production 

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volumes. The librarians' office and work room will 
. open off the south west corner of the stack room. 

Immediately above the first floor, stack room 
will be a mezzanine stack room of equal size with 
space for 42,750 volumes, a sound-proof typing 
room and a staff lounge. 

On the ground floor will be the stack room 
for text books with a book repair area and typing 
area, four large seminar rooms, audio visual room, 
a receiving and storage room, two other storage 
rooms, a text book exhibit room, special work 
room, building service room and toilets. 

Persons reading this newsletter will undoubt- 
edly be interested in information concerning the 
coming Stout Institute summer session, June 15 
to July 24, especially as it pertains to housing and 
to changes in the Plan B technique of the Grad- 
uate Program. 

Housing at Menomonie does not pose any- 
thing like the problem found in many large univer- 
sity cities at summer session time. Veteran hous- 
ing ranges from $25.00 down to $20.00 per month, 
with rent cost decreasing as family size increases. 

Changes in the graduate B plan are described 
at length in the 1952-54 Stout Institute Regular 
Session Bulletin (pp. 109-122). However, the re- 
visions are also outlined below : 

The purpose of the revised Plan (B) is to per- 
mit graduate students an opportunity' to secure 
additional course work with an emphasis on mas- 
ter teacher objectives. Students electing this plan 
must complete a total of 30 semester hours of 
course work, including the courses: Ed. 501 Re- 
search Procedures ; I.E. 510 Problems in Indus- 
trial Education and Ed. 561 Educational Statis- 
tics if not included in undergraduate courses. 

Plan (B) includes the preparation of a writ- 
ten report, in addition to or in conjunction with 
the regular course work in one of the 500 series 
graduates courses. The report must be acceptable 
to the instructor of the graduate course in terms 
of subject, content, and form. One typewritten 
copy must be presented to the instructor at least 
one week prior to the end of the course, or at such 
. time as the instructor may designate. Written 
notice that the paper has been completed and is 
acceptable, signed by the instructor in charge of 
the course, must be filed in the graduate office. 
The typewritten report must be filed in the in- 
structor's office. . 

May 1, 1953 

Stout Alumni Newsletter 

Page 5 

Your Secretary Reportst 

The years come and go and even political 
parties finally change in Washington, but many 
of the civil service employees of The Stout Insti- 
tute stay right on the job, rendering the excel- 
lent service needed to keep the college in good 
running order. 

■A man of 43 years of such service is Fred 
Retzloff, full-time custodian at the college since 
1910 and a part-time employee for some years be- 
fore that. Fred started literally from "the ground 
up," working with his father to sweep the base- 
ment of the school when Fred was but ten years 

August Domke, on the job as gymnasium 
costodian and general athletic handyman, has 30 
years of service to his credit. "Augie is still as 
spry and cheerful as he was when many of the 
"older" alumni were in the flaming youth. 

Bill Neubauer, congenial elevator operator in 
the Home Economics building-now Harvey Hall- 
still keeps his job, which has many "ups and 
downs" about it as when he began 21 years ago. 
The years have in no way, however, lessened Bill's 
friendly spirit and cheerful outlook. 

Reserving the concluding spot for the ladies, 
we find Olga Brekke, pie-maker supreme, still on 
the job in the cafeteria. After many years of mak- 
ing culinary delights and many miles of pie crust, 
Olga still turns out desserts that are tops among 
the students. . 

Yes, a staff of trained, loyal, competent civil 
service employees is a vital cog in the smoothly- 
operating machine of a modern college. The faith- 
ful employee described above, together with 
their many colleagues of fewer years tenure, de- 
serve a world of credit for the services which they 
have rendered to all of us. 

Alumni who have not visited The Stout In- 
stitute campus for a number of years may wonder 
as to the whereabouts of certain of their former 

A number of faculty members have retired 
and have had conferred upon them the little title 
of "Emeritus" by the Board of Trustees of The 
Stout Institute. Former President Burton E. Nel- 
son, who still resides in Menomonie, holds the rank 
of president emeritus. 

Other emeritus appointments have also been 
made. Ruth E. Michaels, who now makes her home 
in Chicago, reports that she still does much travel- 
ing. Miss Lillian Carson of the home economics de- 
partment still owns the Grey Barn apartments in 
Menomonie and lives there. 

Miss Mabel Leedom, formerly of The Stout 
Institute chemistry department, maintains her 
home in Menomonie. Miss Mary McCalmont, a re- 
cent faculty person to retire, resides at her home 
in Menomonie and takes a very active interest in 
church work. 


I- J 

(■I ■!> 


One of the New Sewing Laboratories. 

Among the men, a number have recently re- 
tired and received the emeritus title. Clyde A. 
Bowman, who retired in January after 33 years 
as dean of industrial education, is busy with plans 
to make California his permanent home. 

H. M. Hansen of the woodworking department 
still owns his home in Menomonie but he and Mrs. 
Hansen are spending the winter in Florida. F. E. 
Tustispn, who retired in 1951, is also a Menomonie 
home owner but, as a great trailer enthusiast, is 
spending the winter in Arizona. 

Fred Curran, who retired in 1941, has a re- 
cently-constructed home in Menomonie. However, 
he and Mrs. Curran enjoy Florida's balmy climate 
during the winter. 

Other emeritus faculty persons but those 
whose present location or activities are less-known 
to the editors of this bulletin, include: Clara 
Broughton, formerly of home economics educa- 
tion ; Freda Bachmann,- biological science ; M. Win- 
nona Cruise, food and nutrition; Alice Houston, 
director of nursery school; and Mabel C. Rogers, 

Among deceased members of The Stout Insti- 
tute staff are Harry F, Good, electricity and phy- 
sics; Arthur G. Brown, industrial education and 
guidance; Bruce Antrim, library; Louise Bucha- 
nan, foods; B. M. Funk, business manager; Daniel 
Green, drawing; and William Baiker, graphic arts 
and also former National Alumni Secretary. 

A new life member of the National Stout In- 
stitute Alumni Association is Jean Bulmer, a 1951 
home economics graduate. Jean, who took out her 
life membership last fall, reports that she is teach- 
ing foods to the 7th and 9th grades in the Wausau 
Junior High School. 

In filling out her alumni questionnaire, Miss 
Bulmer reports the following Stout Institute alum- 
ni in her school: S. R. Slade ('34), principal of 
Wausau Junior High School; George Guenther 
('23), teaching industrial arts at that school; and 
George Biwek ('32) the coach at that same school. 
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Stout Alumni Newsletter 

May 1, 1953 

Your Secretary Reports 

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Did you attend Stout's 1952 homecoming-??? 

Well, 192 loyal alumni signed the attendance 
book and enjoyed a wonderful time with the bon- 
fire, parade, and — best of all — Stout's 38 to 
victory over Eau Claire, Stout's friendly but en- 
ergetic rivals. 

Graduates attending- who held the distinction 
of having attended Stout long ago included Dean 
C. A. Bowman, '09 and Mrs. W. R. Kirk, '09. Other- 
graduates of years for past were Gerhard Skogs- 
mark, '15; Dr. J. E. Ray, '22; Virginia Ray, '24; 
and Wes Burdicke '24. 

Attending from the greatest distance was 
Robert 0. Johnson '38, who came from the Naval 
Air Station, Pawtucket River, Maryland. 

GRADS OF 1943: Plan to attend the 1953 
homecoming celebration ! The Stout Tea Room has 
been reserved for a 12 o'clock luncheon to provide 
a wonderful opportunity to renew acquaintances 
with your former classmates. 

Keep your address up to date with the Alumni 
office so that you will receive a card next fall to 
make reservations for this reunion. Fellowsand 
gals who, through wartime service, marriage, 
transfer, or other reasons, started with this class, 
but were unable to be graduated in 1943, are also 
urged to attend the reunion. Don't forget to plan 
for this reunion. 

I %£ 

As the organization and operation of local 
chapters is the backbone of the National Alumni 
Association, the executive secretary sends out the 
following message to areas where Stout graduates 
reside and where only a little effort is necessary 
to start the ball rolling toward the formation of 
a new, lively, worthwhile chapter: 

Let's make this the year to organize a local 
Stout Institute Alumni Chapter in your commun- 
ity. By organizing a group of Stout grads you will 
be able to recapture the school spirit of your Alma 

Many grads have said at conventions and 
gatherings, "How about organizing our Stout 
grads in this area this year?" However, this seems 
to be as far as it goes. Make this year be an 
exception — find a few interested grads and meet 
as a nucleus group. Plan a simple dinner, lunch- 
eon, or picnic for all the alumni in your area. At 
such a time elect officers and appoint some basic 
committees for future get-to-gethers. 

Your national office will provide such infor- 
mation as addresses of grads in your area and 
suggestions as to how to go about setting up a 
local chapter. 

We in the national office are very interested 
in keeping our alumni together. Let us hear from 

Your alumni secretary, 
Robert Rudiger 

News of the Classes 

Continued from page 2 

Harry Hill is an instructor of driver training 
and Merit Badger Counselor for Boy Scouts at 
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. 

Richard Smock is a driver training instructor 
at Chicago, Illinois. 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Dean Free (nee Faye Lehner) 
live at Mosinee, Wisconsin. Dean teaches indus- 
trial arts and driver training, and Faye teaches 
home economics and general science. 

Bob McBride teaches in Port Huron, Michi- 

Curtis Gehling teaches auto mechanics in 
Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 

CLASS OF 1951 

Fred Plonsky is district sales manager at the 
Delta Tool Company in Dallas, Texas. 

Geraldine M. Raisler is employed at the hospi- 
tal in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania where she works 
for the Ward Food Service. 

Charles Mowbray teaches woodwork, metal 
work, and drawing in Monroe, Wisconsin. 

Jerome Zelenka teaches woodwork, drawing, 
and electricity at Lincoln high school, Milwaukee, 

Alton P. Rigotti is superintendent of schools 
at Engadine, Michigan. Mrs. Rigotti is the former 
Clarice Jamieson. 

Robert Morris teaches general shop, wood, 
metals, and drawing at Ingram, Wisconsin; he is 
also Scoutmaster of the local boy scout troup. 

Warren Wold is a draftsman at the Engineer- 
ing Research Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Lorton P. Layman teaches in Wyattsville, 
Maryland at a school with an enrollment of 1700; 
he also is chairman of the Transportation Comit- 
tee and instructor of the Rifle Club. 

Robert Morley is a driver training instructor 
in the high school at Huron, Michigan ; he also is 
assistant coach in baseball and wrestling'. 

Garth E. Wilcox teaches woodwork and draw- 
ing at the high school in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. 

Lois E. Heike is a teacher of home economics 
at Augusta, Wisconsin. 

Mr. & Mrs. Myron Lindgren are living in Kau- 
kauna, Wisconsin. Myron works as a Sales and 
Service Engineer for the Kaukauna Machine Cor- 
poration. Mrs. Lindgren is the former Carol Brack. 

Jean Bulmer teaches foods to 7th and 8th 
graders in the Wausau Jr. high school at Wausau, 

Eugene W. Tahlier is a route salesman for the 
Wards Baking Company in Rochester, Indiana. 

Mrs. Edward A. Hanson (nee Jean Engebre- 
ton) is a homemaker at Eau Claire, Wsconsin. 

Donald J. Straw teaches 7th and 9th grade 
metals, plastics, and leather at Canby, Minnesota. 

Roger L. Randall is an instructor of industrial 
arts and athletic director at Clifton, Texas. 

May 1, 1953 

Stout Alumni Newsletter 

Page 7 

James W. Covey joined the Navy in June 1951. 
At the present time, Jim is going to Navy CIC 
School at Glenview, Illinois. 

Donald A. Van Bramer teaches at the Graf- 
ton State School for the feeble minded at Graf- 
ton, North Dakota. 

Roger Langraf is an industrial arts teacher at 
Chicago, Illinois. 

Henry C. Tall is an industrial arts teacher in 
the Milwaukee Public School at Milwaukee, Wis- 

Jean Carswell is employed at the Research 
and Development Laboratory at Pillsbury Mills, 
Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Mr. & Mrs. Russ Boettner live in Flint, Michi- 
gan. Russ is an instructor of metals and electricity. 
Mrs. Boettner is the former Jean Van Liew B.S. 

Will Malone works for the Delta Power Tool 
Division of the Rockwell Manufacturing Company 
at Bellefontaine, Ohio. 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Urankar are living in 
Milwaukee where Clarence teaches industrial arts. 
Mrs. Urankar is the former Barb Peck. 

Louis Godla teaches at the Vocational School 
in Bladensburg, Maryland. 

George Kinsler teaches in Lincoln Park, 

Donald Chartraw teaches at Laona, Wiscon- 

Lewis Mallow teaches at Wabeno, Wisconsin. 
Lt. Dave Randall is stationed at Fort Sill, Ok- 

Roland Wolfe is stationed at Aberdeen Prov- 
ing Ground, Aberdeen, Maryland. 

Ann Baker is working for her M.A. at the 
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. 

David Pilon is an instructor at Sheboygan, 

Vaughn Stai teaches at the Technical high 
school in St. Cloud, Wisconsin. Mrs. Stai is the for- 
mer Ruth Christensen. 

CLASS OF 1950 
Vern Heseland teaches 7th and 8th grade 
math and Science plus high school industrial arts 
at Eugene, Oregon. 

Edward Binstock is an instructor .of test 
blocks at Chanute Field, Illinois. Mrs. Binstock is 
the former Helen Kelly B.S. 1947. 

Steve Grudichek teaches in Brawley, Cali- 

T. H. Teppen is with the Delta Power Tool 
Division of the Rockwell Manufacturing Company 
in Kansas City, Missouri, 

George Jensen is with the Delta Power Tool 
Division of the Rockwell Manufacturing Company 
in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Darwin C. Sarra is with the Delta Power Tool 
Division of the Rockwell Manufacturing Company 
in Orlando, Florida. 

Warren H. Richter is with the Delta Power 
Tool Division of the Rockwell Manufacturing 
Company in Denver, Colorado. 

Louis Burrneister is with the Delta Power Tool 
Division of the Rockwell Manufacturing Company 
in Bellefontaine, Ohio. 

Herb Meisner is with the Delta Power Tool 
Division of the Rockwell Manufacturing Company 
in Chicago, Illinois. 

Walt Vernon teaches at the Vocational school 
in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. 

Bill Baer is teaching in Beloit, Wisconsin. 

Lowell Tufts (M.S.) is an instructor at Still- 
water, Wisconsin. 

Ardelle Kruger is at Madison General Hispi- 
tal, Madison, Wisconsin. 

Nancy Glenn works at Harry S. Manchesters 
Department Store, Madison, Wisconsin. 

John Krock (M.S.) is teaching at Kirkland, 

Ruth Johnson is with the ChippeAva County 
Home Agent and lives at West Salem, AVisconsin. 

Janet Rattjerr teaches at Medford, AViscon- 

Pete Schellinger teaches printing at Southern 
Junior high school at Louisville, Kentucky. 

Robert Lucltke is a vocational instructor at 
Henderson, Nevada. 

Ellen McCarthy is a dietitian at Ancker Hos- 
pital in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Mrs. Joe Russell (nee Helen Helm) recently 
resigned her position of teaching home economics 
in the Mobridge high school, Mobridge, South Da- 
kota. She is now in Trieste with her husband who 
is in service. 

Naomi Wendt teaches home economics at the 
Janesville public high school at Janesville, Wis- 

Russell C. Tews teaches at the Steven Junior 
high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mrs. Tews, 
the former Helen Wolsey, teaches home economics 
at Whitefish Bay high school in Milwaukee, Wis- 

Robert Hendrickson was drafted into' the ser- 
vice and served in Korea; he is now stationed in 
San Francisco, California. 

John H. Lurquin is an industrial arts coordi- 
nator at the St. Paul's Indian Mission School at 
Marty, South Dakota. 

Lloyd R. Gannegan is an instructor of the 
Junior and Senior high school at Aurora, Illinois. 

Mrs. Donald Long (nee Ruby Ann Jarman) 
teaches at Brussels high school in Brussels, Wis- 

Alice Fechner is an Administrative Dietitian 
at Green Bay Wisconsin. 

J. R. Payne teaches cabin etmaking at La- 
Crosse, Wisconsin. 

Ray C. Doan is an instructor of Industrial 
arts and mathematics at the Ames Junior High 
school in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mrs. Doane is the 
former Shirley Waseen. 

Mrs. Amory 0. Moore, Jr. (nee Doris Zimmer- 
mann is the Cafeteria Manager at Oregon Con- 
solidated school in Madison, AVisconsin. 


Stout Alumni Newsletter 

May 1, 1953 

Robert G. Christianson is employed at Scott 
Air Force Base near Belleville, Illinois. He is serv- 
ing as a Civilian Communications Instructor. 

Margon C. Berg teaches driver training, 
woodwork, mechanical drawing and physics at 
Stanwood, Washington. Margon also plays with a 
small dance band called the Furious Faculty Five. 

Mrs. Caroline Lanzer Nelson is a member of 
Duncan Creek Community Womans Club at New 
Auburn, Wisconsin. 

Mrs. Gerald Solie (nee Marilyn Erickson) 
works as an Assistant Dietitian at Barnes Hospi- 
tal in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Margaret Perman teaches home economics at 
Stanley, Wisconsin. 

Robert P. Gray is teaching industrial arts and 
driver education at Thorp, Wisconsin. His wife is 
the former Francis Knight. 

Norman A. Lenius is employed in the Person- 
nel Department at the Christy Corporation of 
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. 

Ward M. Cowles (M.S.) teaches in Waterloo, 
Iowa. He is also the secretary of the Waterloo Club 
of Printing House Craftsment at Waterloo. His 
wife, Esther, used to work in the offices of Dean 
Price and Mr. Wigen. 

Stan Kendall joined the Delta Power Tool Di- 
vision of Rockwell Manufacturing Company in 
Spokane Washington. He formerly taught at Wea- 
verville, California. 

James R. Young is Assistant Director of Mill 
Lake Camp, Michigan. This is a school camping 
program by the Dearborn Michigan Board of Edu- 

Mrs. Gertrude Samide Taggart. After the 
death .of her husband was appointed Sheriff of On- 
eida County by Governor Rennebaum to complete 
her husband's unexpired term. She lives in Rhine- 
lander, Wisconsin. 

Donald H. Raether is Chief Radar Mechanic in 
the Army. He is now stationed in Germany. 

Mr. Wally Hammerberg teaches woodwork 
and drawing at Highland Park, Illinois. He is also . 
line coach for varsity football and sophomore bas- 
ketball coach. Mrs. Hammerberg is the former 
Norma Nelson. 

Mrs. Jeanne Kane Stuckly formerly taught 
home economics at Cashton, Wisconsin. She is now 
a homemaker. 

Joyce Fuhrmann Hicks teaches rural voca- 
tional home economics at Grantsburg, Wisconsin. 

Clifford Sorensen teaches a general compre- 
hensive shop at Centuria, Wisconsin ; he is also the 
high school band director. 

Richard Maliszweski is head of the printing 
department at the Oshkosh School of Vocational 
and Adult Education. He is working on the Ameri- 
can Legion Committee for the coming state con- 
vention at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 

R. J. Sutton teaches general metals at Dau- 
phin Collegiated and Technical Institute at Mani- 
toba, Canada. He is a member of the Vestry of 

St. Pauls Anglican Church, and co-leader of the 
Young Peoples Organization. 

Jack .Bongey is a printing instructor at the 
Eastern Junior High School at Louisville, Ken- 

Jacques H. Beers teaches y/oodwork at Hadley 
Technical High School in St. Louis, Missouri. He 
has been active in boy scout work for 22 years. 

Mrs. Rose Mary Albert Wise enjoys being a 
homemaker in Appleton, Wisconsin. 

Kenneth R. Krohn is now a millwork estima- 
tor and also does some drafting" for the E. W. 
Schmeling and Sons, Ind. at Rockford, Illinois. .. 

Gerhard Nelson teaches at the St. Paul Voca- 
tional school in St. Paul, Minn. 

Melvin Olson teaches at Milwaukee, Wiscon- 

Norman Anderson is an instructor at St. Paul, 

Mrs. Delores Eggesbecht Fergis is an instruc- 
tor of home economics at Monawa, Wisconsin. 

Mrs. Ray Ferlwiler is a homemaker at Al~ 
goma, Wisconsin. 

Jack Postman teaches elementary school in- 
dustrial arts in Waukegan, Illinois.. 

Marion Lee (M. S.) teaches at Washington 
State College in Pullman, Washington. 

Harold W. Osborn teaches high school wood- 
work at Mattoon, Illinois. 

Bill Brandvold teaches junior high industrial 
arts at Mattoon, Illinois. 

Mr. and Mrs. Parnik Hazarian live in Musca- 
tive, Iowa. Barney teaches industrial arts in the 
Muscatine high school. They have one daughter, 
Mrs. Hazarian is the former Ruth Schrader '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hehli live in Mondovi, Wis- 
consin. Bill teaches industrial arts. Mrs. Hehli is 
former Janet Medlie of Menomonie, Wisconsin. 

Roland Ehart teaches at the Joliet Township 
High School and Junior College at Joliet, Illinois. 

Louis E. Below teaches at Vancouver, Wash- 
ington and is Secretary-Treasurer of the Vancou- 
ver Toastmasters and is Boy Scout Commissioner. 

Roland Kehrberg is an instructor at Dundee 
Community School at Dundee, Illinois. 

Alma A. Haase (M. S.) teaches home econom- 
ics and art at the Washburn High School. She also 
takes care of the noon hour activities at Wash- 
burn, Wisconsin. 

Walter W. Dusold is a plumbing instructor at 
Boy's Technical High School. He also is head line 
football coach and assistant track coach. 

John M. Chase (M. S.) teaches general metals 
and general electricity at the Junior High School 
at Waukesha, Wisconsin. 

Hayden M. Carmichael teaches machine shop, 
sheet metal, general metals, and welding at Fair- 
mont, West Virginia. 

Robert W. Innis (M. S.) is on-the-job Train- 
ing Supervisor for Airman and Japanese Personnel 
at the Miho Air Forrce Base, Honshu, Japan. 

May 1, 1953 

Stout Alumni Newsletter 

Page 9 

Mrs. Lorna Baron (nee Lorna Little) is a 
housewife at Kansas City, Missouri. 

William Roerig teaches at the Vocational 
School in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. 

Lawrence Wright (M. S.) formerly taught in 
the I. A. Division of the Iowa State Teachers Col- 
lege. At the present time, he is serving in the U.S. 
Navy at Great Lakes, Illinois. 

Robert Parsons teaches at the high school in 
Bakersfield, California. 

John Rantala is working on his master's de- 
gree at the University of Illinois and is doing part 
time teaching in the metals departmnt. 

CLASS OF 1947 

Hugh 0. Tyler is head of the Vocational De- 
partment at Stewart, Nevada. He teaches driver's 
training and supervises a department of instruc- 
tors ; he also is chairman of placement committee. 

Don Brill' has a cabinet making shop in the 
Eau Claire Adult and Vocational Education school 
in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

George Bowers (M.S.) is a sales representa- 
tive of the Industrial Division, of the Carborun- 
dum Company, Louisville, Kentucky. 

Mrs. Emma DeCanter has a cooking - , sewing, 
and homemaking class for boys at Centuria, Wis- 
consin. She is a member of the Centuria Wom- 
an's Club. 

Mrs. Millard Harmon (nee Ruth Aaness) 
formerly worked as teaching dietitian at Massa- 
chusetts General Hospital School of Nursing in 
Boston. She now lives "at LaCrosse, Wisconsin. 

Douglas Sandow is a supervisor in the welding 
division at Chanute Field, Illinois. 

Jim Leigh teaches at the Technical High 
School in St. Cloud, Minnesota. 

Tom King (M.S.) is an instructor at Redford 
High School in Detroit, Michigan. 

Harley Hesselman is manager of the Wiscon- 
sin Bell Telephone Company at Mondovi, Wiscon- 
sin. His wife is the former Alma Lockwoiod. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bill. Andrews are living in Eau 
Claire, Wisconsin where Bill is employed by the 
National Pressure Cooker Company. Mrs. An- 
drews is the former Elizabeth Storing '43 of Meno- 
monie, Wisconsin. 

Sybil Widvey is a homemaking instructor at 
Medf ord, Wisconsin and is also Secretary-Treasur- 
er for the Wisconsin Association of Rural Home- 
making Instructors. 

Robert Burke teaches general shop and gym 
classes plus coaching basketball at North Chicago, 
Illinois. Mrs. Burke is the former Esther Larson. 

Mrs. William E. Snyder (nee Mary Huns- 
zicker) has one daughter and is a contented house- 
wife at Wasthucha, Washington. 

Mrs. Edward C. Johnson (nee Eleanor Busse) 
substitutes as Home Agent in St. Croix County 
at Richmond, Wisconsin.. 

Frank L. Dunimann works at the Allman- 
Christiansen Paper Company in Milwaukee, Wis- 

Mrs. Norbert B. Fritz (nee Clara Dell) is 
president of the ladies guild of their church and is 
active in a child study group of mothers of pre- 
school children at Neenah, Wisconsin. 

Mrs. Betty Hasslinger Holsen formerly served 
as county home agent for Manitowoc County, 
Manitowoc, Wisconsin. 

Jean Hagemnan works at the Lasalle Hotel in 
Evanston, Illinois. 

Valaria Paff is a dietetic intern at the Peter 
Bent Burgham's Hospital in Milwaukee, Wiscon- 

Charles Scharr is with the U. S. Post Office in 
Menomonie, Wisconsin. 

Alvin Witti teaches at Juneau, Wisconsin. He 
also coaches baseball. His wife is the former Vir- 
ginia Burchardt. 

CLASS OF 1945 

Mrs. Karl A. Gossman (nee Joyce Miller Ca- 
hill) formerly was a dietitian at Riverview Me- 
morial Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Mrs. Dean Gilmore (nee Lila Danielson) for- 
merly was an Airline Stewardess at Hollywood, 

Lenore L. Landy is the home demonstration 
agent at Douglas County in Port Wing, Wisconsin. 

Mrs. John Becker (nee Leola Reynolds) is a 
full time homemaker at Juneau, Wisconsin. She 
has four daughters. 

H. A. Tice (M.S.) is head of the Department 
at Technical high school in St. Cloud, Minnesota, 
and he also teaches machine shop. 

Mrs. Charlotte W. Gist is serving as a dieti- 
tian at the Marquette Woman's Residence Hall at 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Bruce Thompson teaches Industrial arts at 
Salem, Oregon. His wife is the former Dorothy 

CLASS OF 1944 

Mrs. Betty Garrett Wayman is vice president 
of the North Shore Woman's Club at Chicago, Illi- 

Mrs. Marjorie Goodrich Greely formerly 
taught at the high school in Kimball, Minnesota. 
She is now a homemaker and does part-time teach- 

Mrs. Lester E. Miller (nee Irma Savage) for- 
merly taught at Shiocton, and she is now a home- 
maker at Manawa, Wisconsin. 

Mrs. Robert Raush; (nee Althea Edler) is a 
teacher at Johnson Creek, and she lives in Water- 
town, Wisconsin. 

Dr. Arnold J. Lien is Coordinator of Student 
Personnel Services and also is the Dean of Men 
at Wisconsin State College in Whitewater. Mrs. 
Lien is the former Harriet Stevens '48. 

Jane Huntzicker teaches at Yakima high 
school in Yakima, Washington. 

Page 10 

Stout Alumni Newsletter 

May 1, 1953 

CLASS OF 1943 

William A, Sellon is the Assistant Professor 
of industrial education at Bradley University in 
Peoria, Illinois, 

Mrs. Thomas Crist (nee Nona Landt) does 
substitute teaching of home economics and teaches 
a boys' chef class at the Wisconsin Dells high 
school in Wisconsin Dells. 

Mrs. Melvin K. Johnston (nee Virginia War- 
wick) is a member of the Wisconsin Rural Writers 
Association, which has published a few books re- 
cently. She lives in Hillpodnt, Wisconsin. 

Mrs. Harold Gorr (nee Beth Christison) for- 
merly was a home economics teacher at Rice 
Lake, Wisconsin. At the present time, she lives in 
River Falls, Wisconsin. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Gardiner, Jr. Charles 
is the manager of the Diamond Hill Plywood Com- 
pany, in Darlington, South Carolina; also is a 
member of the Kiwanis Club. Mrs. Gardiner was 
the former Mary Ellen Bradley, she graduated in 

Leon A. J. Young teaches Industrial Arts at 
Braham, Minnesota. He is also a Master Mason. 

Mrs. Evelyn Berg Klug teaches night school 
at the Milwaukee Vocational School, Milwaukee, 

Mrs. Marion Piper (nee Marion Galloway) is 
the County Home Agent at Jefferson, Wisconsin. 

Mrs. Blanche Baker (nee Blanche Moy) is a 
housewife in Janesville Wisconsin. 

Mrs. Catherirne Schlosser Mallay is a home- 
maker in Reseda, California. 

Fred Quilling teaches Industrial Arts in Mil- 
waukee School System. His wife is the former 
Marge Redman, who attended Stout from 1943 to 
1946. The Quilling's have two children. 

CLASS OF 1942 

Welsey E. Schlough is Sales Manager of the 
Gran-A-Stone Company at St. Cloud, Minnesota. 
Mrs. Schlough is the former Harriet Greenwood, 
who graduated in 1943. They have five children. 

Mrs. H. E. Holpin (nee Ruth Herschleb) is a 
homernaker at Lafayette, Indiana. 

Bernard 0. Ziesmer is a consulting enginee.r 
Mrs. Ziesmer (nee Gretchen Voechting) is the 
food supervisor in the dining room at Gimbel's 
Department Store, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She 
graduated in 1943. 

Mrs. Alton Rigotti (nee Clarice Jamieson) 
teaches home economics at the Engadine high 
school in Engadine, Michigan. 

Mrs. Florence Koehler Dickenson is doing part 
time teaching at the Vocational School in Stur- 
geon Bay, Wisconsin, 

Mrs. L. E. McAmber (nee Jean Bangsberg) 
is a homernaker at Spring Lake, Minnesota. 

Carl Stori is working with the National Pres- 
sure Company, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

Jack Hesselman is general manager for a 
paper company in Neenah, Wisconsin. 

Dr. & Mrs. Riclmrd Trezona (nee Margaret 
Colburn) reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota where 
Dr. Trezona is practicing Dentistry. He is a grad- 
uate of the University of Minnesota school of 
Dentistry. Mrs. Trezona graduated from Stout in 

CLASS OF 1939 

Delmer D. Owens is the Superintendant of 
Building and Grounds at Durham, North Carolina; 
he also works with a Midget (Little League) base- 
ball team and officiates YM.CA athletic contests. 

Mrs. Marian Peterson Tremaine is Den moth- 
er for a group of Cub Scouts. She also belongs to 
the P.T.A., Kindergarten Mothers Club and takes 
Art lessons at Carmel, Indiana. 

Mrs. Ralph Winberg (nee Catherine Kirk) 
and her husband own the Holliday-Cornman Furn- 
iture and Funeral business in Ellsworth, Wiscon- 
sin; she also acted as part-time home agent in 
Pierce County. 

Sydney Sooville is an instructor in Oshkosh, 

Rowland Morrison teaches at Boys' Technical 
High School at Milwaukee, Wis. 

Agatha Norton teaches home economics in the 
Washington Jr. High School and at the Vocational 
School in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

CLASS OF 1941 

Mrs. Merton Wulf (nee Lois Volp) teaches 
home economiosc in Lancaster, Wisconsin and be- 
longs tc the Woman's Club of Lancaster. 

Albion H. Bunker does preliminary designs 
for plants in South American Countries and now 
is living in Waukegan, Illinois. 

Howard Rathelsberger is General Manager of 
a Tool & Die Plant at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Mrs. Charlotte Roethe Brain erd teaches home 
economics at Fenimore, Wisconsin. 

Al Remde teaches at Waukegan High School 
in Waukegan, Illinois. 

Bud Halverson is in charge of Manual Arts 
Therapy at the Veterans Hospital in Madison, 

Earl Morris-on is Sales Manager for the Ford 
Motor Company at Sante Fe, New Mexico. 

Charles Finney is in the service and is sta- 
tioned at Chahute Field, Illinois. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Lockerby (nee Marion Gullik- 
son) live in Red Wing, Minnesota where Mr. Lock- 
erby is teaching Industrial Arts. 

CLASS OF 1940 

Mrs. Melvan Lovance (nee Betty Quilling) is 
substitute teaching at Racine, Wisconsin; she also 
is president of Y's Wives and Secretary of the local 

Mrs. Ralph Schlosser (nee Isabel O'Meara) is 
a homernaker at Arkansaw, Wisconsin. 

Mrs. Betty Smith Wheeler formerly had a 
nursery class at her home called the Peter Pan 

May 1, 195S ' 

Stout Alumni Newsletter 

Page 11 

H. M. Clark (M.S.) is the Director of Kenosha 
Vocational School in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

Donald E. Hansen is an Educational Special- 
ist at Randolph Field, Texas. Mrs. Hansen (nee 
Virginia Wild) belongs to the Newcomers Club. 

Paul A. Luoma teaches at Fordson High 
School in Dearborn, Michigan; he also has an even- 
ing class in which he teaches welding. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Tondryk are the owners 
of the Bay VieAV Printing Company at Milwaukee, 
Wisconsin. Mrs. Tondryk (nee Lucille Joshua) is 
secretary for the Milwaukee chapter for the SIAA. 
She graduated in 1939. 

Mable Carlsen is head buyer at Schuster's in 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Leonard Stolfo is painting instructor at 
Fordson high school in Dearborn, Michigan. 

Darby Worman is doing sales work with the 
Industrial Division of the Reynolds Aluminum 
Company in Detroit, Michigan. 

John Finney is a civilian instructor with the 
Air Force at Wichita Falls, Texas. His wife is the 
former Virginia Carroll also of the class of 1940. 

George Alt is a Commander, in the Navy and 
is stationed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He re- 
cently returned from a tour of duty in Korean 
waters where he was an officer on the carrier Val- 
ley Forge. 

Patrick Murphy is a Lieutenant Commander 
in the Navy and is stationed in Jacksonville, Flori- 
da. He is in charge of the Navy Air Reservist 
Training at the Navy Base in Jacksonville. 

CLASS OF 1938 

Ray Ingersall owns a farm machine business 
in Cresco, Iowa. 

Velda Milbrot is a dietetic intern at th Cehar- 
ity Hospital at New Orleans, Louisiana. 

William F. Johnson is an instructor in general 
shopwork at Fredric, Wisconsin. 

Mrs. Marie Averill Stevenson formerly was a 
dietetian, and now lives in Houston, Texas. 

Stan L. Fox is plant engineer for the Jo-sten 
Manufactoring Company at Owatonna, Minnesota. 
Mrs. Fox is the former Ruth Good. 

Paul Brown works for the American Year- 
book Company at Owatonna, Minnesota- 
Doris Flick works at the Northern States 
Power Company in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. 

CLASS OF 1936 

Mrs. Phyllis Lauorman Wilken belongs to the 
Women's Club and is active in church organiza- 
tions. She also is a housewife and lives in Meno- 
monie, Wisconsin. 

Ted Pierson teaches industrial arts at Salem, 
Oregon. He is working on his doctor's degree at 
Stanford University. 

Mrs. Dorthy Howison Balfanz is active in the 
Eastern Star and Railroad Wives Group at La- 
Crosse, Wisconsin. 

Rudolph Goerttner is an instructor at Red- 
ford high school, Detroit, Michigan. 

CLASS OF 1935 
Carl Haase is case supevrisor in the Rehabili- 
tation Division at the State Board of Vocational 
and Adult Education at LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Mrs. 
Haase is the forme rMarine Schultz who graduated 
in 1936. 

Llloyd W. Erpenbach is the Senior Training 
Supervisor in the Industrial Relations Division in 
the Marine Corps Schools at Quantico, Virginia. 

Gerald Decker is an instructor at Redford 
high school in Detroit, Michigan. 

Mrs. Betty Taylor (nee Betty Christopher- 
son) teaches at Onalaska, Wisconsin. 

LeRoy Charlick is a shop, math and drawing 
instructor at Fordson hig'h school in Dearborn, 

CLASS OF 1934 

Henry Lewis is the assistant principal at 
Fordson high school in Dearborn, Michigan. 

Mae Collins is an instructor at the Vocational 
School in Kneosha, Wisconsin. 

Wayne P. Hughes is the Director of school 
and college division of the National Safety Coun- 
cil in Chicago, Illinois. 

S. R. Stade is the principal at Jr. High School 
in Wausau, Wisconsin. 

Ray Burgett is a woodwork instructor and 
president of East Aurora Teachers Association in 
Aurora, Illinois. 

Dave Stori is teaching industrial arts at Rich- 
land Center, Wisconsin. 

CLASS OF 1933 

Mrs. Arthur N. Lund (nee Belinda Hendrick- 
son) teaches clothing and tailoring at the Voca- 
tional School in Green Bay, Wisconsin ; She also is 
active in the Woman's Club, Girl Scouts, American 
Red Cross, and YWCA. 

Mary Carmody is Home Economics Director 
for Philco Corporation in Central and East Central 
Division Pleadquarters in Chicago, Illinois. 

Reuben J. Schafer is head of the cabinet mak- 
ing department at the Vocational School in Min- 
neapolis, Minnesota. 

Oren Stamstead is working with the Union 
Electric Company of Missouri in Kansas City. 

CLASS OF 1932 

Everett G. Smith is Associate Professor of 
Industrial Education and Engineering at Baton 
Rouge, Louisiana. 

George Biwer teaches industrial arts at Jr. 
High School in Wausau, Wisconsin. 

Joe Spitznagel teaches at Cambridge, Min- 

Ray Howard is personnel manager for the 
Post Cereal Division of General Foods in Battle 
Creek, Michigan. 

CLASS OF 1931 
Aruta Gundlach is the Assistant State 
supervisor in the Home E.conmoics Extension 
Division at the University of Wisconsin in Madi- 

Page 12 

Stout Alumni Newsletter 

May 1, 1953 

Mrs. Georgia Aber Galbraith works at the Li- 
brary board and specializes in child care at Plain- 
field, New Jersey. 

Bernhard Hagen is the head of industrial arts 
for all city schools at Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He 
also teaches at the senior high school and serves 
as director of the Red Cross. 

Arnold L. Killen teaches woodwork and draw- 
ing at Canby, Minnesota. 

CLASS OF 1930 

Leo A. Gardiner is the Assistant Sales Mana- 
ge rfo the Nekossa-Edwards Paper Company at 
Port Edwards, Wisconsin. 

Mrs. Janet Clark Winn is a home economics 
instructor at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. 

Willard Hanson teaches drafting at the 
Southern high school in Detroit, Michigan. 

CLASS OF 1929 

Fred Decker, is the vocational department 
head at the Southwestern high school in Detroit, 

Dan Chamberlain teaches at the Technical 
high school in St. Cloud, Minnesota. 

Ward Smith teaches drafting at Southwes- 
tern high school in Detroit, Michigan. 

CLASS OF 1928 

Gladys I. Peen is a teacher of Advanced Foods 
at the high school in Bakersfielcl, California, 

George Richards teaches metal work at East- 
ern, high school in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Eddie Meslow teaches at the Waukegan high 
school in Waukegan, Illinois. 

CLASS' OF 1927 
Anton S. Chermak teaches junior high school 
industrial arts at Wilson Jr. high school in Mani- 
towoc, Wisconsin. 

CLASS OF 1926 
M. T. Wright is an instructor at Elgin, Illinois. 
Harvey Smith is an instructor in Kenosha, 

Otis Saeter is an instructor at Bedford high 
school in Detroit, Michigan. 

CLASS OF 1925 

Mrs. Helen Diamond Wicher formerly was a 
home economics teacher, and now lives in Min- 
neapolis, Minnesota. She is active in church work 
and is also president of the Twin Cities Area Chap- 
ter of the SIAA. 

Mrs. Adolph Simpson (nee Marcia MacDon- 
ald) is the Superintendent of Wisconsin Home for 
Women at Taycheedah, Wisconsin. 

Elvira West teaches hom eeconomics at Red- 
ford high school in Detroit, Michigan. 

Ed Zych teaches at Redford high school in 
Detroit, Michigan. 

CLASS OF 1923 

Paul Schoenoff teaches at Waukegan high 
school in Waukegan, Illinois. 

Mrs. Fred Reffe (nee Miriam Benett) form- 
erly taught waitress training in Goldberg Girls' 
Trade School, Detroit, Michigan. 

CLASS OF 1922 

George Guenther teaches industrial arts at 
Jr. high school in Wausau, Wisconsin. 

Dan C. Elide is head of MSTC Industrial Arts 
Department at the State Teachers College at Mi- 
not, North Dakota. 

CLASS OF 1921 

Mrs. Ruth Hail (Dip.) is an instructor at Red- 
ford high school in Detroit, Michigan. . 

CLASS OF 1920 

Mrs. George E. McGowan (Nee Virginia See- 
man) teaches home economics at Florence, Wis- 
consin ; she also is a member of the AATJW. 

CLASS OF 1918 

Anne Berghn teaches at Vocational School in 
Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

The Stout Alumni Newsletter 
The Stout Institute 
Menomonie, Wisconsin 


Sec. 34.66 P.L. &R. 



Menomonie, Wis, 
Permit No. 5